Day 36: Do your job

Back at it again on a Monday. This weekend was a doozy. It was my birthday Sunday so my wife was nice enough to plan some things. Saturday night I played poker with the guys at our house. It was nice to see everyone and honestly just nice to relax and have a drink. Sunday morning, we got back to the Church routine. Really great service and still working through Ephesians. The topic this week was “Do your job”. As a Patriots fan it made me giggle a bit. The overall lesson was for people to do the work of God and let the other things go. We all focus on material items that will last this life and less focus on the eternal life ahead. We are here to do God’s work and we get so sideways with everything else.

I’m as guilty as anyone for that. I spent a good deal of my life wanting the new cars, new boats, etc. and spent all of time trying to be successful. Not that we aren’t here for the purpose of God but I think “Do your job” goes so much further. We all have responsibilities in life that we lose focus on whether it be our family, balance in life, or even enjoying the natural gifts that God gave us.

Everyone has heard that hindsight is 20/20 but I’m not sure we think about what that actually means. Most of the time we think about it in business decisions or other things. What if we really focused up front. What if when you walked out the front door you really embraced everything as a gift? What if you took an extra 2 minutes in the morning to enjoy the sunrise? These are gifts given to us but we right them off as the status quo.
What if we changed our hindsight and focused on our jobs with our families instead of work? Smiling and teaching our children, loving our spouse, and following our beliefs is where we should be. I’ve found in reflection that not much of my life meant much. There were moments of good but never a focus on it. I’ve tried to change that but it’s a daily process. My youngest son is by far the most sensitive member of our family. He is constantly telling others how much he cares, offering to help, and just being a great kid. My other child is living the preteen life. I know eventually my youngest will turn to the dark side of being a teenager too but it really does empower me to see the young men they have become. Those are the rewards of doing good work. I envy them though. It’s easier for them to be good people. They haven’t been spoiled by sin and materialistic things yet and yet they are still happy.

People refer to the innocence and joy of being a child. In my mind, maybe we all need to shed the years of sin and distractions and get back to that. The difference in a child and a man should be a higher responsibility in doing our jobs instead of further losing our way. Just my thought on it but I’m going to try to be more of a child. I might not go to toys r us but I’m going to try to find my innocence again and integrate a higher purpose. Just my thoughts for the weekend. Hope everyone has a happy Monday. Enjoy it!

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