Day 30: Stay Positive or Die Trying

So, I am continuing to stay on the gluten free diet and am feeling differences in my mental and physical energy. It’s almost like I’m 100% awake all of the time. I’m happy to have the energy but wow would I love to sleep. I take 10mg of melatonin every night and by 3-4am I’m wide awake again. My mind just never shuts down. It would take me 5 cups of coffee before to feel the way I do now 90% of the time.

So yesterday I went to PT and evidently, I’m showing some coordination improvement which I can slightly feel too. I boosted some of my reps that are to fatigue and she seems encouraged by my progress. I thought she might have not been paying attention but I went for my one month clinic visit today. My right-hand strength went from 106 to 110 and my left hand went from 84 to 110 which is a 50% increase. I’m trying to not get too much hope up that this is just celiac but I feel great. My blood pressure came back to reasonable levels, pulse is lower, and overall my body seems to just be performing better. I didn’t show any changes in other movements so in the words of the doctor “no change is good change”. Evidently, I should be showing some progression but it doesn’t seem to be there.

My fasciculations are going crazy but I was told that could be from stress, lack of sleep, or over exercise. I’m probably a bit guilty on all fronts. Work has been nuts, I don’t sleep more than 4 hours, and I’ve pushed myself a bit too hard. One PT there did say to not over exercise but don’t rob yourself of what makes yourself happy. Boom that’s me! I enjoy working in the yard and I like to go wide open sometimes especially at work. I was even told to slow down my walk a bit.

Overall, it’s all encouraging to me which is what I need right now. I will fight whatever this is and I will fight hard but my mental state is what I want to really keep healthy right now. I was told that I couldn’t be put in any trials because my diagnosis is only 99% and not 100%. In my mind that’s a win. Maybe it’s just delaying the obvious but your saying there’s a chance!

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