Day 25: Do what you love

So, I’m taking a short break from a semi-crushing day. Seems like I’ve been on 60 hr. weeks for a while trying to get a job done. Its wearing on me a bit but my wife and myself both like to work even though it wears on us. So, I’m sitting at work last night talking to a vendor at around 7pm. He’s probably one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met. Always on top of it and always has a positive nature. I’ve been giving him grief over not working late on our stuff. He responded back saying he would do this even if he won the lottery. I’ve always had the same outlook. Maybe I wouldn’t go at the same speed but I love my job.

So, I feel like I’m doing that right now. I’m playing against the house with time but I’m doing something that I love. My only regret about work is when it interferes with family life. I’m trying to balance that but it’s tough with deadlines and limited help. Regardless I sent him an email to set a reminder for us to talk about this in a year.

My advice is to do what you love and accept nothing less in a career. We could all die tomorrow and this moment is all you are guaranteed in life. I’m not sad about my outcomes because God has a plan. That may sound silly but God has a plan for all of us. There are far bigger tragedies in this world than someone living 33+ years comfortably and enjoying it. Children are having bombs dropped on them so it would seem silly for me to sulk over the life I’ve had.

The sadness I do have is for my family and what they are dealing with. That’s pages of words I’d rather not describe but we are trying to enjoy every day and keep the smiles rolling. I’ve been unusually perky since diagnosis day but I have had moments of frustration. I had one this morning and my goal is to further improving that.

Other than that, everything is peachy and I hope everyone has a killer day. Keep the smiles rolling and grab the bull by the horns.

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