Day 15-23: A normal Week

I took a week off from writing. Some of it intentional and some of it not. Work has been busier than usual and trying to finalize some projects. I did however want to take a week off to live “normally”. It helps sometimes to take a step back and not think about things. It was nice and really helped me focus on work.

As far as how I feel I have really been feeling good until Sunday. Felt a bit of a pep in my step so to speak. I’ve continued to eat healthy but do struggle with eating enough. I’ve subsidized some snacks and meals with smoothies and shakes when we are on the go but generally have tried to eat a real breakfast and make a conscious effort to eat whole meals.

Saturday night I got knocked down a peg. I’ve been gluten free and haven’t had a drink in weeks. Actually, seem to have regained a little movement in my calf and my fasciculation’s were down to a minimum. So, Saturday night I go out with some friends for a buddy’s birthday. I’ve been a bit absent from seeing people and trying to collect my thoughts so this was a first for me since I’ve told anyone about the ALS. Had a really good time and it felt good to let loose for a few hours. On the way, the panic hit and I had no idea what I could drink. Google to the rescue! Vodka tonic it was for the beverages. Ordered a nice grey goose and tonic with a lime and sipped away. Had a salad for dinner which absolutely sucked since it was a wing place. Just not the kind of place you trust to ask for something Gluten free.

So, I have two drinks and start heading home. Keep in mind this was two drinks over 4 hours. About a mile from the house I noticed my vision was blurry again. Before I started eating differently I would get double vision on dark nights. Nothing horrible but the glare off the street lines was awful. Felt a few fasciculation’s and thought I just overdid it that night standing up for hours. Went to bed and a few hours later woke up in excruciating pain. Cramps were hitting and shooting pains down my legs like someone had a knife in my foot. I felt the same way a few weeks before when I ate some bread and just wasn’t thinking. Oh, wow did it keep going.

Sunday I was curled up in the fetal position. To this point I’ve thought some of the Celiac stuff was just in my head. Like oh I’m a feeling a bit better and maybe it’s just my imagination. After some quick searching, it turns out potato or grape vodka is gluten free but wheat vodka like grey goose still has traces after being distilled. It was almost a relief to know I’m not crazy but the pain was definitely real. Monday was a real drag to get up and I still felt the effects. Still having bad fasciculation’s but the cramps are gone.

Monday is PT day but I haven’t seen my therapist since my evaluation. She really pushed me today which I needed. The last PT I saw was a 400lb woman who didn’t seem to care what I did. This one challenged me to push it a bit. Pretty great feeling until I limped to the parking lot. Felt like years ago, when I’d hit the elliptical until I was jello. Definitely took a few hours to get my legs back under me.

Overall besides the accidental poisoning I was taking steps in the right direction and learning how to eat. The wife was great and took me on a Gluten Free food finding mission. We did miss church on Sunday which I was disappointed in but I just felt like crap. Overall I still feel very happy and centered which is new for me. I’ve always felt off balanced and things just seem more in front of me know. Going to try and continue on with that.

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