Day 12: A Mixed Bag

So, this Celiac thing has me all jacked up. Do I have Celiac? Do I have ALS? Do I have both? Do I have time to think about this? Does it really matter? Can you’ll get this biopsy done like yesterday?

Hope is a powerful thing and my nerves are shot. Work is going 100mph and I’m trying to keep it all straight. Today has been probably the worst as far as symptoms go. Stomach is having spasms, pins and needles in my other leg, fasciculation’s are hitting like a hammer, and I just can’t think. The past few weeks I’ve had massive blanks in my memory. I don’t mean like “oh where are my keys?”. I mean like what is my birthday or not remembering someones name who I’ve known for years. I’ve dialed back on my happy pills over the past few days but it’s not helping. The double vision has been absurd too. It’s mainly at night but its bothering me occasionally and randomly.

Its early in the afternoon and I have scrapped work for the day and just popped a melatonin. I’m just in total overload. The overload isn’t work or anger or anything like that. I just feel like I’m full of high, lows, and every mix of emotions. If this post gets weird I’m about to fall asleep by the way. Houston the melatonin has landed. I hate to scrap a day but at 4pm but its opening day for ECU baseball so I have another good excuse to lay down, relax, recoup, and enjoy some Pirate baseball.

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