Day 11: Let’s get Weird!

So today was interesting. Lot of test results came back from the Clinic visit. For one my Vitamin D levels are far below normal. Highly odd since I drink 4-6 glasses of milk a day, take a multi vitamin, and have been eating so clean. Going all WebMD on it and it could be amplifying my symptoms like fasciculation’s and cramps. Seems to be a big problem with ALS patients and speeds up progression. Second my celiac test came back abnormal so I get to go have an intestinal biopsy. That sounds awful but Celiac can actually mimic ALS. I could also have both.

Overall the results were weird enough that I got a direct call from the doctor. Was told to take 2000 iu of D3 a day and they would retest at the next appointment and a biopsy is being scheduled. Basically, Celiac could be an ALS mimic or I could have both. The crazy thing is I was told those who have both have been treated for the celiac and in a few cases the ALS symptoms have stopped in progression or actually reversed. We are talking slim here but just another chance at a positive.

Work is crazy right now but my mind is right. The call did send me into a google dive for the last hour of the day and I’m sure I’ll be into it all tonight. The fasciculation’s are out of control but less bothersome at night. For those suffering at night Melatonin is a God send. I haven’t slept this well since my kids were born. Its helped with focus and really feel driven during the day minus the mind cloud I’ve been in and short term memory loss. Evidently that could be a side effect of the Vitamin D deficiency. We’ll see how that progresses.

All the possibilities are cool and keeping everyone upbeat. Maybe just a stay in execution acceptance but hope is a heck of a driving force in life. I hope everyone else had a great day and we’ll keep taking this thing one day at a time!

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