Day 8: Just another day

Had a very nice weekend and just another day in the office. I have upped my melatonin a bit and have been sleeping well. Today I was a bit out of it which never bodes well for a Monday. Spent a lot of the day making phone calls and getting items corralled for tomorrow since I have my first clinic visit. I’m sadly excited to start seeing real doctors. Not writing off the seriousness of what we are dealing with but dear gracious have I seen some special people over the last year. It will be nice to see the best MND doctors around. I’ve really felt chipper the last week but was just dragging today. I totally blame The Walking Dead for the fatigue though. I have an employee that has seriously stepped up his game since I’ve dropped off a bit in production. It’s really nice to feel like I don’t have to do everything. Help is nice in the right doses.

We are heading out early tomorrow for what is supposed to be an all-day adventure and will most likely have a novel tomorrow but today was fairly uneventful. The only thing I really found funny is that people keep asking me why I’m so chipper. Two people today asked “are you really ok?”. If I’ve done one thing right in life it was finding a job and a place of employment that I love. Most people hate their jobs and I find it to be rewarding. Not because it’s the most particularly most interesting work nor am I doing anything that’s never been done, but I work with good people. It’s a good Christian company that values their employees and ethics. They trust me and have given me lots of freedoms to do as I see fit. I don’t work a 9-5 watching the clock to leave. So, the simple answer is yea I really am happy.

Getting any bad news sucks but that’s not an excuse to give up on life. If or when I can’t do these things is when I’ll be hurt but until then you have to rock it out. If nothing else I have a new grasp on life. How many people rinse and repeat misery in their life every day? How many people could die on the commute to work? How many of those people could have done more? It’s all sad that we waste so much life complaining and not really living.

So really the question is why wouldn’t I be chipper? Would being sad, crying, or quitting change my outcome in life? Life has no map so enjoy the ride. God didn’t bless us with life for us to waste it worrying. I think this is probably something everyone needs to think about.


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