Day 5: Friday Friday Friday

It’s Friday baby! Nothing like the weekend to perk you up. So, this week was my first adjustment of my diet in a long time. Up until a year and a half ago I was on my clean eating/working out kick. Basically, had a scheduled meal plan, wasn’t eating processed food, and was doing 30-45min of hard cardio a night. Once my foot went I let off the gas. Let’s eat some ice cream, drink some 1000 calorie beers, and sit around. Ballooned from 168lbs to 186lbs. So, this week has been fruits during the day, no coffee, no soft drinks, protein shakes, and green tea in lieu of coffee. Also, was taking Unisom to sleep and tossed it down the toilet to switch over to melatonin. By the way Melatonin works well for those suffering from sleep. Unfortunately for me I popped one too early and woke up at 1am. My wife was being courteous and was popped on the couch so she didn’t wake me up.

It’s amazing how just being with the one you love changes things. She got into bed and I felt that love. Doesn’t hurt I took another melatonin either haha. Woke back up at 6am ready to roll. Although I will advise to take the melatonin later and only once. I probably walked into 5 walls before I got into the shower to wake up. Playing bumper cars with a flat tire of a leg isn’t fun. Regardless the lesson of the day is that love fixes everything and shouldn’t be written off regardless of your health. Material things don’t matter and I spent too much of my life searching for those things. Let’s buy a boat! Let’s buy a bigger boat! It’s great to follow your dreams but love and family are what matter. They are your strength and so is God. If you let those two things into your heart you can’t go wrong. Overall you can’t take those things with you. PS: Green tea tastes like crap.

Leaving the deep thought area, I scored an appointment next week at the ALS Clinic which was looking to be months’ worth of waiting just to get in. Thought I was going to cry when I got that call. I don’t have the expectation of being magically healed but the last years of my life have been riddled with doctors who didn’t seem to care. I was pushed out the door with a “nerve injury” and told to come back in 18 months. Then it was a doctor who said you probably have an MND, here’s a referral, a huge doctors bill, and I’ll see you in 3 months. Heck they sent a poor PA in to break the potentially bad news. This clinic seems to be full of people who actually care and I need that for hope. I’m not disillusioned into this being my saving grace nor do I see this magical light at the end of the road. What I see is an opportunity to offer myself up with a potential upside. The problem is these clinics are so backed up it appears they rarely see people with early onset. It’s odd but I want to be a test dummy. As a possibly familial case I want as much learned for other families and for my own.

That’s all I’ve got for the day. Everyone smile for a day and you might smile again tomorrow!

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