Day 5 ½: A Different Perspective

So, I usually try to address my thoughts once a day. I only work half days on Friday so tried to knock it out early. Needed to go do some errands one of which was a haircut. I’m an ugly man on a normal day but after 5 weeks without a haircut it puts me over the edge. So, I go to the local men’s haircut place. After about 5 minutes a young woman calls me in. She has a slight limp and I also have a “swagger”. She asked what happened to my leg and I blew it off and said I just have a flat tire. She was obviously having a hard time walking and obviously had problems with her hands. I wasn’t sure what was wrong and asked her if she was ok. She told me that she was in a car wreck years and years ago, and was in a coma. Actually, showed me a scar on her hear. Basically, broke it down that she was told she’d never walk again. We kept talking and she asked what I did for a living. We talked for a bit and I asked her how long she had been cutting hair. She said just a few years she was a dancer (ballerina not pole) before her accident but she had to learn something new.

I’m not the guy who looks at daily events as signs but it’s been the weirdest week of my life. First the bad news, then the random cancelation that got me into a world-renowned clinic, and then this poor woman basically tells me how her life was shattered. She asked if I had Valentine’s day plans and I told her it would probably be a low-key night with the family and take the wife out another night. She told me her son was her 8-year-old son was her valentine and they were going out to dinner. She wasn’t wearing a ring and all I could think is how this woman was broken, her dream taken away, and learned a new trade. The crazy part was she was the happiest person I’ve met in a while. She was genuinely happy and seemed content. Maybe I was trying to make myself feel better but I left her $100 tip and tried to sneak out the door. She ran out into the parking lot and actually hugged me. Crazy stuff. Selfish side of me just felt good doing something for someone that strong and hoping I could ever be like that.

I just feel like all these weird things are happening and God is talking to me. All I know is I’m going to try and listen more.

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